Key Points to Consider to Design a Perfect App For Your Business?

Key Points to Consider to Design a Perfect App For Your Business?

Why Design Is the Most Crucial Part Of a Mobile App?

A perfect app design is a prerequisite for a perfect application and although there are certain elements of design that add to Engagement, Brand Visibility, Brand Legitimacy, Loyalty and much more, but how? As Steve Jobs, rightly put it- "Design is not how things look, but how things work". Although, a perfect design is pretty much subjective, yet there are certain parameters that make an app design perfect. We will delve into this in the later part of this post, but before we go through the essentials of a perfect app design, let's quickly go through the points you need to ponder over before getting a perfect app designed for your business.

Know Your Goal and Expectations Before Getting an App Designed

If your goal and expectations are not clear, you wouldn't know whether or not your mobile app design and development project is heading in the right direction. Define the goal of your app which could be anything like
  • An app that helps my customers buy things on the go
  • An app that helps me promote my brand, services or products.
  • A game app that's fun for end users.
  • An app that can itself become my business.
Since you are looking for ROI, your expectations and goal, to some extent go hand in hand. Before you start with getting an app designed for your business, you must be aware of your expectations from the mobile app. One of the most common expectations would be
  • I want my app to generate revenue for me
  • I want 100% ROI
  • I want an app with low design & development cost
  • I want my app to be popular
As you may have noticed, defining your goals and expectations before getting an app designed will help you understand the core purpose of your mobile app. It also includes competitor analysis and the cost factor which again play a crucial role in getting a perfect app designed.

4 Important Elements of a Perfect App Design

1. UI/UX Design Of Mobile App

UI/UX of an app is the most crucial element of a mobile app design. While UI refers to the user interface (let's say like the engineering of your car) and UX refers to the user experience it endows. So UI and UX of your app go hand in hand. A pixel perfect design means attention to the smallest of details and giving importance to the UI/UX design of your mobile app will result in a pixel perfect app design. App UI and UX Design

2. Typography and Color Scheme

Typography is another crucial part of a great mobile app design. Wisely chosen fonts and separations between titles, subtitles and content not only contributes to a perfect mobile app design but also adds to the user experience. Creatively chosen color schemes also have an important role to play. If you are designing an icon or theme, you must not go for too many colors.

3. Remember It's a Mobile App NOT a Website

If you are curious about why certain apps and their designs are loved by people, while others are a disaster, this probably answers your question. A mobile app must be designed in the way, a mobile app should be designed. There are certain acceptable ways of doing things, especially when clickability is a majaor concern. Not to say that you should not be creative, but if you are looking for a perfect app design, you should not compromise on UI/UX at any cost.

4. Design an App for Device Specific/ Cross Platform

Bear in mind that iPhone is quite different than Android, not only in terms of appearance, but functioning too. If your mobile app is designed keeping in mind, just one platform, it will not give a smooth user experience on the other platform. Hence, if you are looking for a perfectly designed app, design it for multiple platforms.

Perfect Mobile App Design- How To Get Started?

The very first step to get started is to find a mobile app design company with creative mobile app designers with sufficient experience as well as impressive credentials and portfolios. iPhone Developer is such an acclaimed mobile app design firm with more than 5 years of experience in mobile application design and development. Our clients love to Hire App Developers from us, not just because of our portfolio, but also due to the level of transparency they get from us. At i-Phonedeveloper, you can interview the app developer before hiring to ensure that your project is in safe hands.


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    The ultimate goal of any app is to generate maximum revenue from its users. But for this purpose, your app have to be different from its competitors.