Create iPhone eBook Applications-Easy Way to Read And Learn

Create iPhone eBook Applications-Easy Way to Read And Learn

What is a Book? You probably think you know the answer. But what if it’s a multimedia experience filled with animation, interactive games, videos and so much more. Isn’t that quite amazing? How about studying history, attending online seminars, asking the professor questions, visiting a historical site or working with a study group and taking a test, all from inside the book? All of this is possible by transforming eBooks into iPhone apps.

Custom eBook applications for your iPhone device

Kids Story eBook app

Illustrated children books with compelling narratives and loveable characters are perfect for developing into eBook apps. By adding a voice track in simple animation the books come alive. Options like having the story read to the child or giving the child the control over animation or page turning add to the enjoyment. The key for building a successful Children’s book app is to make sure that they are able to use it by themselves.

Travel Language eBook app

For instance, let’s say there is a traditional phrase book for travelers that help them to speak Spanish. It’s sometime very much frustrating for a traveler to open the book and look for the well-know phrases every time.  Creating an eBook application can make things simpler and easier. You will be able to hear the words and phrases spoken instead of reading them and pronouncing them in a funny way.

Educational eBook App And More

Apps can also be used as educational tools across several different subjects and grade levels. Learning math at the lower primary level by playing interactive games can be educational and fun. Apps that includes practice test or other competitive online test is ideal for new learning environment. It also includes review questions allowing the students to check progress and identify errors that require further study. Test results can also be emailed directly to the online instructor. iPhone eBook app is the newest format for enhancing the book reading and learning experience by incorporating animation, video, audio and dynamic content. You can build different eBook apps depending on your specific requirements.

Find an App Developer to connect with your readers

For authors and publishers, eBooks to go app is the ultimate way to connect with reader and students without actually being with them in person. iPhone Developer has excellent appreciation of app design and deep understanding about your target demographics. It has a team of developers that is technically well versed in Cocoa and Objective-C. Think of the possibilities with iPhone App Development! If you have a well-defined project, Contact us one of our eBook app specialists today.