How Important Is Mobile Experience For Your Business.

How Important Is Mobile Experience For Your Business.

To stay ahead in a competitive world of online business!! This simple answer shows the importance of the Mobile Revolution. With the increasing purchases of Smartphones at a tremendous rate,  your potential customers are going mobile, so why should your business be left behind? This new wave of revolution has changed the way how people interact with all kinds of businesses or service providers. Over Millions of Android phones, iPhones have been activated and Billions of applications have been downloaded in just over three years. This figure suggests that customers are using the Mobile technology to find your competition and seeking to get what they want on the go.

Why is it necessary for your business to offer customers and clients a Mobile Experience?

“If not Mobile, you are sure to suffer a great loss in your business”

“The days of going to a physical store and buying the needs of your daily life will vanish when everything will be done with just one click of your finger.” This is a warning bell to all businesses to wake up from their daydreams and think about the consequences they are likely to face if you do not have a mobile presence. Nowadays people spent half of the day using the mobile internet to seek a wide variety of information like news, dining/restaurant, online shopping stores, travel, business info, product or services and more. People are switching from 3G to 4G for excellent speed and efficient access so more people than ever will expect a business to offer mobile experience. Recent research has shown that when a person is Googling to find a company’s website that designing an app for mobile and realizes that it is difficult to browse or navigate on the mobile devices, the user out of frustration moves on to an app development company that offers a great mobile experience. So by now you have realized that neither small not big businesses should ignore mobile. Use different color: “Remember that good user experience reflects good customer service which keep them happy, satisfied and loyal.”

Some Facts to be known

Mobile searchers have quadrupled in the last year  and there are several reasons you can’t ignore the technology. I would like to present some facts which I feel you should know:
  • 9 out of 10 searchers have taken action like buying, visiting a business, etc. due to Smartphone search In the US, it was found that 60 percent of the total searches for popular national chain restaurants on Valentine’s occurred on the mobiles and tablets
  • Consumers look for quick and proper information when searching
  • 80 percent of users rely on mobile devices to help with shopping
  • Purchases are done via mobile websites and mobile apps
  • Customers prefer to use mobile apps over mobile web site
  • Mobile business apps will increase revenue from 25 billion which was in 2012 to 50 billion by 2017
It’s time for your business to invest the earnings in the technology if you are still behind in the game. Smart phones are increasing daily and new networks are coming on board in addition to Apple iPhone and tablets. The mobile revolution is great for any business you do but it needs to embrace the technology and expand further. We are the right partners that can develop QR codes, mobile websites, and custom mobile apps for your business so that you can reach out your customers wherever they may be. Get in touch or email us to see how your business can benefit by embracing the Mobile Revolution.