i-Phonedeveloper invites Gamers to Play the Chase of Life- Reaper Run

i-Phonedeveloper invites Gamers to Play the Chase of Life- Reaper Run

At i-Phonedeveloper, We are happy to announce the release of Reaper Run, a game for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch with iOS 3.2 and later. It's a kind of reflex game where you need to run miles to defend your soul from wicked Reaper. develop games for ios7 So what are you waiting for? Head over and get it, as Reapers Run is registered at iTunes and waiting for you to have hands on it. Purchase and select from 8 different characters and make them running over the building roof dodging deadly obstacles to save their soul from the evil Reaper. Collect the valuable treasure of gold coins to purchase new characters, reapers and to amplify your coin magnetizing powers.

Reapers Are Here, Defend You Soul

Reaper Run is yet another landmark set by i-Phonedeveloper in the field of gaming and entertainment that can boost the release of adrenalin and make you sweat. In this soul-threatening game, you race for your soul and as the game proceeds, it becomes fiercer with deadly reapers and its life-threatening obstacles. iPhone Game Developers and Designers have displayed a polished level of their skills that can be witnessed by amazing graphics and loads of twists to make fun last long. create a game app With the aim to make game more interesting and thrilling, 8 different characters (we call them victims), 4 scary Reapers and 3 different levels of magnetic powers are offered as an alternative. Here, characters are the victims in the Reaper's death list that are looking to survive. Different characters include faces like Prisoner 666, Teddy Beer, Detective B. Con, the Deadly Ninja and several others who look upon you for help. Wicked reaper and its life-threatening obstacles are behind the souls of these victims and you are here to ensure, they survive. Purchasing new character or reaper is extremely easy. You can buy new character and reaper by spending coins that you have collected during your run.

Time To Test Your Reflexes

Reaper Run is reflex game with the integrated ability to test your reflexes to newer and optimized level. You have to run and jump for your soul to escape the evil Reaper nipping at your back. Trial your reflexes as you race down building roofs, avoiding large gaps, jumping over building chimneys, flying blades, boxes, crows and flaming skulls to slow you down. Tap to jump, dodge the obstacles, collect coins and purchase new characters and reapers, and test how far you can escape. make a game app for iphone Run for your soul, collect the coins and simultaneously beware of menacing reapers that are following you with the desire to catch-up your soul. Are you ready for an explosive adventure on the building roofs with deadly reappears, put your views in comment box below.