iPhone Calendar Application Development

iPhone Calendar Application Development

Customized iPhone calendar application development is also part of our repertoire of expertise. The iPhone's inbuilt calendar is quite rudimentary. However, the features and facilities provided by IOS provide our developers with tools to create much more sophisticated and feature-rich calendaring applications. At iPhone Developer we can develop features like scheduling and agenda management to add value to your iPhone calendar. We can also sync your phone's calendar and accounts with other applications, such as Google calendar, letting you plan your work, set up your events, get SMS reminders, from your Google Calendar account information. With day, week, month, and list views, drag-and-drop event management, and one-tap appointment creation, our calendar app is nothing short of an easy-to-use business/personal organizer always available at your fingertips.

Integrate the best features from multiple calendars into your iPhone

You can also easily add or remove other calendars. If a personal or family activities scheduler is what you need, we can develop one for you on your iPhone. There are many calendars out there but the advantage in having i-Phonedeveloper.com create one for you lies in our ability to integrate the best features of different calendars into a single application. For business users customized Task and Project Management features can be built into your iCal. For more personal use, bill payment reminders, social calendaring, auto-activated voice reminders, even period cycle trackers for women, can be developed by our i-Geeks to give your iPhone calendar increasingly useful features. You can also enjoy access to various other calendars instantly. In addition, you can make changes and maintain data saved in these calendars without replacing the data of the iPhone's inbuilt calendar. We have a team of experienced and talented iPhone App Development professionals to offer you tailored, end-to-end iPhone calendar applications. Call us today and simplify your schedule maintenance tasks or email us your requirements . Tel: 708.667.0998. Or Email us at enquiry@i-phonedeveloper.com And make sure you never miss another appointment. Ever!!

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