Enterprise App Development Can Save your Business from Doldrums

Enterprise App Development Can Save your Business from Doldrums

Enterprise mobility is talk of the town and everyone wants to know what's cooking in enterprise mobile app development

What Enterprise Mobile Applications is?

We're talking about applications that give power to the mobile workforces, from sales and customer service to executives. The ability to access and administer whenever and whereever required. Companies need enterprise mobile applications to mechanize and optimize business processes, resulting in cost stash and substantial revenue generation prospects. Such applications are known as enterprise mobile app. When it comes to business, enterprise mobile apps have come to play a major role in the functionality and usefulness of business relations, and as more users pick up Smartphones and rely on mobile apps, businesses follow suit in order to appeal to that market. Therefore an Enterprise app design covers all the necessities of enterprise mobility & app development for businesses to narrate their success stories.

Why Should your Business Opt For Enterprise Mobile App Development?

The Burning question. As we are briskly parading into 2014, many IT professionals at large companies are appraising what momentous changes they should make in their comprehensive mobile strategy for their company. Let's face it, enterprise mobility is flourishing, and if you don't make innovations to help your employees stay as productive as your competitors, you will be left in the dust. Thus enterprises must adapt more rapidly to the mobile uprising or run the menace of being left behind by adaptable competitors. So what do you think your business requires to make sure that it successfully meets the demands? The answer is simple "Go for an enterprise mobility strategy."
  • The universal enterprise mobility market will rake in $140 billion a year by 2020.
  • Mobile Apps look set to be the top investment among Enterprise Mobility and IT Professional in 2014. (47.6%)
  • 44% of respondents currently have a mobility strategy in their business, while a further 20% are at phase 3 of implementation
  • 70% of respondents cited increased productivity as the main reason behind their mobile solution investments
  • Change management issues is the greatest challenge for 40% of practitioner respondents when implementing a mobility strategy
  • Almost a quarter of respondents have financial resources of up to $250,000 to spend on mobility solutions in the next 18 months
  • Security solutions are a bigger priority for organizations in the future, with an expected growth of 20% from 2013 to 2014.
What A Mind-Altering Cardinal Representation of Mobile enterprise app & enterprise mobile app development! You too can plan for enterprise apps development for Android, iPhone or iPad to become the numero uno of your business domain. (Interlinking)

Crucial Trends Impacting Enterprise Mobility Strategies In 2014:

Identity and access management (IAM)

Modifying access control, which uses added provisional information such as user location, behavioral patterns and several other factors, can be used to amplify identity assurance and decrease mobile usage risk. Although location data can support authentication security, yet it can raise privacy concerns. Hence Enterprises app must be competent to authenticate users and provide access to apt business resources.

Security and risk

Mobile users often access confidential applications and data that may be stored on the device or in a private/public cloud. There are various cross-platform security controls, such as verification, encryption, device wipe and anti-malware. However, the different security capabilities support different operating systems, types and versions which makes it complicated for security and management vendors to offer uniform policy enforcement across all devices.

Mobile app development

Mobile application development platform (MADP) is indispensable to those who always wanted to bring a great ui ux design while interacting with clientele. The focus will be not only on business-to-consumer (B2C) technology, but on the often-ignored business-to-employee (B2E) solutions.

Collaboration and content

Tools like Dropbox (News Alert), for illustration, are time and again used to join forces or otherwise share documents with others; they will need attention and the application of secure and convenient solutions as part of SMEs mobile strategy. The same accession is expected to apply for using social software, which may put an enterprise's information at risk. The connection between mobile and social software – most knowledge workers can profit from greater use of mobile-enabled enterprise social network.


As enterprises more and more rely on WLANs for analytical communication, problems of network design, network management and problem diagnosis become more difficult. Regrettably, many WLANs were not designed to provide mission-critical services and are beset with issues such as meager performance, inadequate coverage or lack of service for employee personal devices. Enterprises must also handle with exclusive demands that BYOD (Buy your own device) strategies place on site communications infrastructures. They might need to augment network capacity, manage bandwidth, separate BYOD devices from enterprise devices, add IP voice services and enlarge site mobile access. Now you cannot afford to ignore these impacting trends as they would be extremely useful for your enterprise app design which would help in getting dynamically functional Mobile enterprise app to brace up your business. Time for a Pep talk.

How Can Your Business Avail Mobile Enterprise App?

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