Apple Back in Action With the Release of Cleaner, Simpler, Better iOS 7

Apple Back in Action With the Release of Cleaner, Simpler, Better iOS 7

At World Wide Developer's Conference (WWDC) in San Francisco, Apple Inc showed off its masterpiece mobile operating system iOS 7 for iPhone and iPad. With a sweeping new design, iOS 7 is claimed to the biggest change in the OS since the launch of the iPhone. It's still in beta version but will be made available for developers. iOS 7 is filled with new updates and has tons of advantages and is ready to back in action. Lots of expectations are linked with new iOS 7 and apple fans are becoming desperate to know more and more about it. To put an end to all your assumption and curiosity, here a brief story that covers all aspects and features of iOS 7 for non-techy users.

Let's Find Out, What in for iOS 7

Control Center

With this new control system, you can easily use frequently accessed settings such as brightness, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi Settings and many others. This control system even works when screen lock is on. It's a highly welcomed move by Apple and happy to know that Apple introduced it.

iOS 7 and Multitasking

Multitasking is what iOS 7 will be known for. It offers superior multitasking and background processing to all apps. It will make note of app that you use frequently and will also collect feed for you. You can have a full preview of functioning apps with large and clearly visible fonts.

Safari in iOS 7

With totally new look and feel, Safari in iOS 7 is somewhat similar to Chrome. It has included unified search menu as in iOS 3 and is integrated with iCloud for password management. A good news is, from now onwards Safari users are no more confined to eight tabs, additionally tabs can be managed and removed with a swipe.

Photos, Camera and iOS 7

Camera is released with major haul and loaded with several new features. You can simultaneously shoot the photo and edit them in the real time. Now no more frustration of the unorganized jumble of images, as you will be allowed to store images according to place and time. Images will be stored in an album and with a single tap on the years, you can browse your shoots as per year.

Superior Siri in iOS 7

Siri comes with a new look and new voice. Now, end users can choose in-between male and female voices with an attractive sound wave at the bottom.

App Store in iOS 7

New app store will show the more popular apps with your friends. With a new design and looks, the app store will update your apps automatically. There's still lots more hidden inside iOS 7 and can be explored only when it will be downloaded on your iDevices. Similar to end users, developers for iOS 7 SDK are eagerly waiting to have hands on it. Now, it's time to pen down your comments and let the world know what you think about Apple's Never Before iOS 7.