Jolla’s SAILFISH – A Multitasking OS That Can Take on iOS and Android

Jolla’s SAILFISH – A Multitasking OS That Can Take on iOS and Android

Jolla, SAILFISH, Maemo, Meego, Alternative to iOS and Android, in last week these were some of the most common words that were highly searched on Google. Global citizens were getting curious to know more about these terms and were digging deeper to know something better and best. But, what are these words, where have they actually originated and do they make a sense to statement “A True Alternative to iOS and Android”.

Let’s begin with the Term “Jolla”,

Well, Jolla is the name of Finland based company that deals in the business of designing, developing and selling of smartphones. It has been ruling the headlines with the launch of its buzzing mobile operating system “SAILFISH”, which it claims to be a decisive alternative to established players like Android and iOS.

Secondly, What’s SAILFISH, Maemo and Meego?

As highlighted in above paragraph, SAILFISH is a Meego based mobile operating system (just like iOS and Android) with multitasking as one of the biggest and unique feature. It is blessed with the genetic ability to handle multiple applications at a time (around 9 apps at a time) and allows them operate directly from the home screen view. It can be utilized in phones, tablets, TVs and other connected devices. As MeeGo is a direct predecessor of SAILFISH, it contains many hereditary features gifted by its ancestor that reduces extra taps, swipes and pulls. Integrated “Pulley Menu”, lets end-users to easily interact with Jolla device. OS has designed to please the senses and necessity of generation that strongly believes in multitasking.

Hands And Brains Behind SAILFISH

Ex-Nokiyan employees are the hard working elements behind the design and development of SAILFISH. They established and flourished themselves under the brand name Jolla, when Nokia discarded their involvement in the MeeGo project. With the pack of fresh features, they brought MeeGo back into mainstream market with the name “SAILFISH”. Unlike anything else on the market, in this mobile operating system, more emphasis is given on personalization, multitasking, and performance.

Is It “A True Alternative to iOS and Android”?

Enjoying at the video demonstrations, the SAILFISH OS appears to be fairly wonderful, clever and contemporary. Somewhere it shows the influence of WP typography and live tiles whereas somewhere it resembles to BB 10 multitasking and peeking. If it is offered with the wings of Android apps compatibility, it will demonstrate the winning combination till date. Expelled Nokians have truly created magic but, it’s too early to predict the success and failure. It would be good to see, how it pokes Mighty Android and King iOS. Do you believe SAILFISH has an opportunity to define itself in the currently jam-packed smartphone market? Pen your thoughts on the matter through the comments below.