Why You can ill Afford to Ignore iPhone Application Development?

Why You can ill Afford to Ignore iPhone Application Development?

Whenever I meet people at parties, cocktail lounges, cafes or airports who know what we do at i-Phonedeveloper, I am prepared to answer a common question that comes my way every single time- Why my business needs an app? Well, that’s not quite an Apprehension. Is it? That’s why my answer remains the same that this is not the right question to ask. We will come back to this later. If you don’t own a business it is still OK to be naive about this, but if you do you must know there is a lot to be said for having an iPhone app. If you pause for a moment and look around, you will find all and sundry engrossed with their iPhones making payments, checking out latest events & activities, playing games, making bookings or spending time on social networking.  While we still get amazed at how iPhone has brought about a radical change in the way people would look at technology back then and now, this radical change further transformed ushering in another revolution, COURTESY: iPhone Apps.

….AND that’s Apparent from…

The Number Game-

  • 33.8 million iPhones sold in Q4 2013
  • 102 billion iPhone apps likely to be downloaded in 2013
  • iPhone is likely to account for 33% out of the total apps likely to be downloaded in 2013.
  • 60 billion+ total apps have already been downloaded from apple store. Apple achieved 50 billion mark back in May 2013.
  • 1 hour 15 minutes- Time an average user spends on his iPhone every day.
  • In 2013, 10 apps will be downloaded per person for every man, woman and child on the planet.
  • By the end of 2013 mobile phones will outnumber the total number of people on earth.
  By now you may have got enlightened that asking How your business can harness the enormity of iPhone apps is the right question to ask.

Your Business App is an extension of your products that Boosts-

Customer Engagement and Relationship- If you want to communicate with your customers more frequently and efficiently without having to worry about your message getting lost, business app is what you need. A study suggests that more than 73% of smartphone users are likely to download a loyalty program app. Product Sale and promotional Activities- If you are an online store selling products, an iPhone app deserves to be on your ‘must have’ list and vital part of business strategy. Flexibility to purchase your products on the go is  no longer a luxury, but a prerequisite your users expect. Recall Value- iPhone apps help to boost the recall value of your brand. In today’s competitive age where thousands of brands are chasing customers with enticing offers, commercials and other ways, you cannot afford to sink into oblivion. Make it Come Alive Your business app sitting on the mobile screen automatically boosts recall value. So bring an iPhone app idea to life.

What If I already have a ‘mobile compatible’ website? Do I still need an iPhone app?

Well, it’s great to have a mobile compatible website, but a mobile app is something your business can hardly afford to miss because a mobile app
  • Enables you to send push notifications to your consumers which are ten times more influential than any other way.
  • Your app can provide your customers directions to your local business.
  • You are also aware of when your consumers in a particular location are eligible for a discount/offer.
  • Mobile’s in built features can be used quite easily by the app.
  • Build a brand reputation by placing your app on apple store.
Well this isn't it. It is of utmost importance to get your iPhone app developed from a registered iPhone App Development company that’s been in business for quite some time with enough resources and experts with extensive experience in all major frameworks such as- CocoaTouch, Box2D, OpenGL ES, Cocos2D, Corona & Gideros. placing a bet on a company that is ADC Select Member with access to WWDC (World Wide Developer Conference ensures hundred percent return on investment (ROI).  iPhone Developer has access to WWDC since year 2008 and has a team of iPhone app development experts with immense expertise in the above frameworks as well as in Objective C, Xcode and Ruby. Skim through the key Benefits of iPhone Developer to know what you should expect from an established iPhone app development company that can develop enterprise level apps for you.

Exemplary iPhone Apps-

  • Meteor
  • AAEM
  • Elogbook
  • Medentry
Hope I have answered all your questions and cleared Apprehensions. If you have any Questions pertaining to iPhone App Development, feel free to Contact US.


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