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Microsoft Windows is Back with Windows 8 & Surface Tablets

Putting a full-stop to all the rumors and speculations, “Surface Tablets” are the series of ultra slim and light weighted tablets launched by Microsoft in an event organized at Hollywood. They are especially designed in a way to have compatibility with Windows 8. Celebrating a big week, Microsoft proudly announced the release of its next-generation operating system, “Windows 8”, saying that it is designed to satisfy the needs of techno-world that is shifting from Earth (PC) to Mars (Smartphones and Tablets). Windows 8 will be available from October 26. Brandon LeBlanc, communication manager of Microsoft, posted that Windows 8 will be available in 109 different languages across 231 markets globally. Windows 8 Development Windows 7 was poured into the market in October 2009, and till date 630 million licenses of Windows 7 has been sold that are powering majority of desktops worldwide. Soon an update to Windows 7 was released in the form of Windows 7.5 (Mango). Windows 7.5 was released with hundreds of improvements and new features; it was highly admired by end-users who claimed it smart, fun and cool OS. Talking about Windows 8, Microsoft officials confirmed that it will be an easy going OS for personal computers and can also be used on Smartphones and tablet computers, as well as Microsoft’s homemade “Surface tablet”. Windows 8 will enable end-users to share and store personal information under the “SkyDrive” cloud computing service. Focusing little more on Surface tablets, it was made clear that Surface tablets will be made available into plain (RT) and pro versions, but both will have 10.6-inch 16:9 screens and integrated kickstands. RT version of surface tablet is 9.3mm (0.37 inches) thick, weighting only 1.5 pounds.

Whereas the pro-version is thicker having high-resolution screen of 1920×1080 accompanied with dominating Intel processor. Both the versions of Surface Tablets are fitted with some necessary ports such as USB, micro-SD and video out. Hardware portion is more enhanced with high resolution cameras in front and back of tablet. Talking about the memory, you can get 64GB of storage on the RT and 128GB on the Pro. As per the announcement, RT versions of Surface tablets will available with the release of Windows 8 and pro version will be available after 3 months. With the release of iOS 7 and Android 4.3, Microsoft will be eyeing a tough competition in the market of tablets and smartphones from Google and Apple. Now, let’s wait and watch, who is going to rule the “communication world” in a triple threat match between Google, Apple & Windows.

Author : Bilal Momin

Bilal Momin

Bilal Momin

Chicago Heights, IL, USA
Bilal Momin is one of the Co-founders and CEO of I-verve Infoweb INC and Leads Business Development and Marketing Initiatives.

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